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Canadian Yak Products

 We are producing and seveal different products from the Yaks.   Fibre, Blankets,scarves, Soap, Robes, and Meat.

Products below are for sale; please contact us for prices, and  avalibility.

 Each spring we run the Yaks through and comb out the down. We then send to to be processed. We have Yarn, and rovings, made, and then have made the seconds felted into Saddle pads.

 Blankets& Scarves
We've then taken some of the yarn and had it made into beautiful  hand woven blankets, and scarves.

 Patti has used the yak fat to produce a variety of hand made soaps. She uses natural additives(ginger, calandula, aloe,etc) and pure oils for fragrences.

The hides taken in the fall, or winter are in prime condition, and make wonderful robes for decorating,sleigh riding, or a bed covering. The hair is soft, and not brittle.

Meat makes up the biggest produce from Yaks. The meat is excellent. Low in fat, and the fat that is there, is high in omega three fatty acids. The meat is tender and mild. Closer to beef or even milder.