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   We have been raising Yak since 1996, and have been building a herd which has reached the size that we are now able to market several different products.

 YAK FACTS-Yaks originate in the Himalayan Mountains, and have been domesticated for about 5000 years. They are used by the Tibetan people for packing, riding, milking, clothing, ropes, tents, fuel for the fire, and meat. Yaks natually can live to over 22,000 feet.
  In North America there are around 2000 yak. There is four basic colors Black, Trim,Royal, and Golden. They are classified as domestic livestock,and can live across most of North America. Bulls weight up to 1700, Cows to 800, and live 20-25 years, and remain fertile to a old age. Gestation is 258 days.

Black Bull
Trim Baby

Royal cow and calf

 Half Yak and her 3/4calf.

The Yaks and cattle mix fine, but they will also breed so you can only mix them if you want crossbreds or if there are no cows in heat.