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Horses For Sale

Competition Horses
Sport Horses

All the horses that we have on the farm are for sale. We have done this so if there is a horse you feel you would like it isn't "one of the ones we are keeping for our selves". It also gives you the opportunity to be able to buy one of the best horses and take the guess work out. The prices vary depending on training, experince, and ability. If you are looking for a horse with competition experience click on the link above and take a look. The horses on this page are a sample of breeding stock, pleasure horses,and prospects.
  Stallion: Gimlet Golieth Lynx -9360-
Canadian Horses

Gimlet Nighthawk Tiarra  (reg.pending)
Black female  Born April 29, 2007  
Sire: DuCoteau Mermoz Nighthawk -10516-    Dam: Gimlet Duke Milady -10010-
Very fancy black filly who should finish around 16+hh                                            Price $3500

Gimlet Rebel Temptress (reg.pending)
Black female Born May 9th, 2007
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel -6226-   Dam: Marv-Ell Colbert Jypsy -8496-
All black filly a little thicker type. Should finish at 15-15.1hh                                 Price $3000

Gimlet Lynx Turner (reg.pending)
Black male Born May 22, 2007
Sire: Gimlet Golieth Lynx -9360-   Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kay -8748-
This is a stud colt that could finish from 15.1 to 15.3hh                                          Price $3250

Gimlet Rebel Tadpole (reg.pending)
Chestnut female with a "tadpole" star and stripe  Born June 6,2007
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel  -6226-    Dam: Marv-Ells Blackjack Pika  -11009-
This filly is the first chestnut Canadian born on our farm. She has a slighter
Canadian build.  She should finish at about 15.1hh
                                                                                                                                      Price $3000

Gimlet Nighthawk Trish (reg.pending)
Black female with a small star.  Born June 6,2007
Sire: DuCoteau Mermoz Nighthawk -10516-   Dam: DuCoteau Major Emerald -6639-
This filly has been handled a lot and is halter broke.  She has a very good disposition.
She is an outstanding filly!  She should mature over 16hh.                                     Price $4000


Gimlet Nighthawk Storm (reg.pending)
Black stud colt   Born May 14, 2006
Sire: DuCoteau Mermoz Nighthawk -10516-   Dam: Gimlet Duke Milady -10010-
Refined colt with wavy mane and tail, Nice movement with a pretty head. Halterbroke.               Should reach 15.3hh                                                                                                   Price $4000

Gimlet Lynx Soldier (reg.pending)
Brownish black stud colt.  Born May 15,2006
Sire: Gimlet Golieth Lynx -9360-   Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kahlua -8745-
Halter broke.  Could make 16hh                                                                                  Price $3700

Gimlet Rebel Spy (reg.pending)
Black stud colt.  Born May 18,2006
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel -6226-   Dam: Marv-Ell Colbert Jypsy -8496-
Halter broke. Should make 15.1hh                                                                             Price $3500

Gimlet Lynx Sheena (reg.pending)
Black filly     Born May 21,2006
Sire: Gimlet Golieth Lynx -9360-    Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kay -8748-
Halterbroke.  Should  make 15.2hh                                                                            Price $3800

Gimlet Nighthawk Scout (reg.pending)
Black stud colt with small star.  Born June 5,2006
Sire: DuCoteau Mernoz Nighthawk -10516-    Dam: Gimlet Duke Jacky'O -8509-
True Stallion prospect!  He is an outstanding colt with thick,wavy,long mane and
tail. He moves very well.  Halter broke.  Will mature to 16+hh                                 Price $5000

2 Year Olds

Gimlet Lynx Riva (reg in progress)
Lt. black  filly with a smallish star    Born April 15, 2005
Sire: Gimlet Golieth Lynx -9360-    Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kay -8748-
She is a very fancy filly with nice movement and nature.
Halterbroke.                                                                                                                  Price $5000

Gimlet Rebel Ranger ( progress)
Brownish gelding   Born May 12,2005
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel -6226-    Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kahlua -8745-
He is a very good natured gelding. Halter broke. Should be about 15.2hh             Price $4500

Gimlet Lynx Raven (reg in progress)
Black filly with a smallish star.  Born May 15,2005
Sire: Gimlet Golieth Lynx -9360-    Dam: Marv-Ell Calbert Jypsy -8496-
She is a very typical Canadian in build.  Halterbroke
She should finish around 15.1-15.2hh.                                                                      Price $4250

Gimlet Rebel Rhiannon ( progress)
Black filly   Born May 17,2005
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel -6226-    Dam: DuCoteau Major Emerald -6639-
Nice filly. The Dam never throws a dud. Halter broke.
She should finish at about 15.2hh                                                                             Price $4800

Marv-Ells Blackjack Rapunzel (reg in progress)
Chestnut filly with flaxen mane and tail    Born May 21,2005
Sire: LaSabliers Royal Blackjack -5405-    Dam: L'Harmonie Wonder Elsa -6484-
Mellow nature. Halterbroke.  Will be around 15hh                                                  Price $4250

3 Year Olds

Marv-Ells Blackjack Pika-11009-
Chestnut Mare red mane and tail              Born May 6, 2004
Sire: LaSablier Royal Blackjack-5405-       Dam: Marv-Ell Blackjack Horizon-7776
Quiet mare. Halterbroke. 15.1hh                                                                               Price $4500

Gimlet Rebel Phantom-11630-
Light Black Gelding                                    Born May 23,2004
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel-6226-             Dam:Marv-Ell Esso Kalhua-8745-
Real Nice Gelding, we will be doing more with him this fall.Halter broke.He should
finish around 15.3hh                                                                                                  Price $4700

Gimlet Rebel Peach-11629-
Black Filly                                                    Born May 28,2004       Approx. 15.1hh
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel-6226-              Dam: DuCoteau Major Emerald-6639-
Good dark black filly that is very typical Canadian. Very smart. Halterbroke.     Price $5000

Marv-Ells Blackjack Pebbles-11013-
Chestnut filly                                                Born June 9,2004       Approx. 15.1hh
Sire: LaSablier Royal Blackjack-5405-        Dam: Midal Wonder Calypso-6160-
NIce Filly, but has a knee injury so will only make a brood mare.                        Price $3750

4 Year Olds

Gimlet Eros Niemitalo -11314 -
Gelding     Brownish black with a small crescent shaped star              Born May 19,2003
Sire: Blain Coco Eros -6468-                       Dam: Gimlet Duke Karina
This horse is very eye catching. He is a good mover with very good conformation.  He has just been started under saddle.  He has also been harnessed and ground driven.  "Nemo" is 14.3hh
                                                                                                                                     Price $5500

Gimlet Kuntakinte Negro -11299-
Gelding    Black   14.3+ hh                                                                        Born May 20,2003
Sire: Gimlet Duke Kuntakinte -8513-           Dam: Gimlet Duke Jacky'o -8509-
This boy is one awesome horse, although he doesn't have the prettiest head.  He is athletic and has a wonderful nature.  He is broke to ride and drive.                                           Price $6000

Gimlet Duke Nina (nee-nia) -11300-
Mare   Brown                                                                                               Born June 1,2003
Sire: Jac-Lar Andy Duke -5794-                   Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kahlua -8745-
Last daughter out of our stallion "Duke".  She has been harnessed and ground driven.  She stands approx. 15.1hh                                                                                             Price $6000

Gimlet Rebel Nixon -11302-
Gelding   Seal Brown                                                                                  Born Aug.17,2003
Sire: Windstone Andy Rebel -6226-           Dam: Marv-Ell Esso Kay -8748-
Good looking horse with a lot of driving experience.  He is just started under saddle.  He is a steady very people friendly horse.  He is 15.2+ hh.                                              Price $6500

Mature Horses

Gimlet Duke Milady -10010-                  5 Year Old Mare
Very Black with a small star        15.1hh                                                     Born May 10,2002
Sire: Jac-Lar Andy Duke -5794-                Dam: DuCoteau Major Emerald -6639-
A very strong and steady mare.  She is broke to drive and drives very well. Milady is a good mother who raises nice colts as well.                                                                    Price $8000

Marv-Ell King Knighthawk -8504-          7 Year Old Gelding
Black      16+ hh                                                                                           Born May 12,2000
Sire: Cartrs Royal Blackjack King -5871-   Dam: DuCoteau Brigadier Flora -7014-
Tall good moving horse broke to ride and drive.  This is an excellent horse for a more experienced rider.                                                                                                    Price $5500

Gimlet Duke Kuntakinte -8513-             7 Year Old Gelding
Black             15hh                                                                                       Born May 14,2000
Sire: Jac-Lar Andy Duke -5794-                Dam: DuCoteau Lalou Eve -6638-
This horse does it all.  If he hasn't done it yet, he probably can.  "Little Duke" has unbelievable experience for a horse of his age.  He is extremely smart and athletic.  He drives single, double and has trained other young horses to drive.  He has been to cutter rallys.  In the mountains in the Yukon.  This will be his fourth year competing in "The Battle Of The Breeds" at Spruce Meadows Masters; in the barrels, trail class, and jeopardy jumping.  He has been branding calves and herding cattle. He herds Yaks as well.  He doesn't care wheather a person wishes to ride english or western diciplines.  He is brave and enthusiastic in cross country and in general.
He has the abiltiy for reining as well.  He is a very quick horse, but most could ride him as he listens well.  If you would like us to brag about him any more, contact us.          Price $20,000

  Here's a couple of pictures to let you see how quiet the Canadians tend to be.

    Morgan combing Horton

                                              CFR booth.

We usually have started pairs forsale.This is a pair of Mares.  Most of our mares are broke to ride and drive as well as raising foals.

                            Here is a beautiful Canadian cross filly.  We generally have several Canadian crosses, which are some super horses.

This is a cross bred colt. We have found Canadians cross well.

We have some outstanding young Canadians for sale. Colts, and fillies out of good mares. They are top stallion and female prospects. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to get you a good horse.  

  For prices on Sport Horses please see the Sport Horse page.